Jakarta - Persib Bandung can improve its position in the 2019 League 1 standings . Maung Bandung reached it after picking victory over Kalteng Putra.

In the League 1 match at Tuah Pahoe Stadium on Friday (1/11/2019), Persib won 2-0 over Laskar Isen Mulang. Kevin van Kippersluis and Ezechiel N'Douassel became the decisive victory for Persib.

With the addition of these three points, Persib is now in eighth position in the League 1 standings. They collected 34 points from 25 matches played.

Meanwhile, Kalteng Putra is stuck in 17th place with 23 points from 25 matches.

Arema FC, who lost to Perseru Badak Lampung FC, ranked sixth in the standings. Singo Edan picked 38 numbers.

Lampung rhino is temporarily separated from the degradation zone. They are now in 13th place with 26 points.

League Standings 1 2019